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WESTERN® Spreader, PRO-FLO™ 900 Poly Two-Stage Tailgate Spreader



The PRO-FLO 525 and PRO-FLO 900 tailgate spreaders feature a 2-stage, auger-fed delivery system and independent variable speed control for consistent and efficient flow of all types of de-icing materials, including rock salt and sand. Designed to attach to a wide variety of vehicles, these tailgate spreaders feature a corrosion-free poly hopper for long lasting performance, making it the spreader of choice for any job site or surface condition.

The PRO-FLO™ 900 comes standard with a variable speed control.

Mount options:

  • Receiver hitch mount and adapter (PN 75915 and 75916)
  • Pivot mount (PN 45917-1 or 31350-1)
  • 3-Point tractor mount (PN 75918)

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PN: 91850-1