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SHIPPING SPECIAL - discounted shipping on ALL Western® Snowplows and Salt Spreaders (shipping will be discounted by 5% of total purchase)
SHIPPING SPECIAL - discounted shipping on ALL Western® Snowplows and Salt Spreaders (shipping will be discounted by 5% of total purchase)

Employment Opportunities

Thank you for checking out our current employment opportunities! Below you will find a little about us, our employees, the perks and benefits of working here, and our current job openings. If you are interested in what you see, please send us an email at!


About NEW Hydraulics

To provide the best possible equipment and solutions to our customers by providing the right product at the right time at the right price with the right attitude.
To have a reputation as the knight in shining armor for our customers when they need new or repaired parts so they can, in turn, fulfill their own mission and vision.
Integrity - Saying what we do and doing what we say
Respect - Treating our co-workers, customers, and suppliers as intrinsically valuable people
Ownership - Taking responsibility for our actions and impact as a company and individuals
Honor - Making the ethically, morally, and legally just decisions even when they come at a price
Optimism - Having hope for the future and choosing to find fun and joy in the everyday
Balance - Finding the "both/and" in life, not the "either/or" - professional AND fun, employees AND customers, quantity AND quality, work AND life, autonomy AND accountability, rules AND creativity, etc.
NEW Hydraulics, Inc. is all about the Art of Uptime™ in everything we do, but we have two main specialties. The first specialty is hose and tube assemblies, which can be separated into one-time custom reproduction, repeatable aftermarket replication, and low- to mid-volume productionOur second specialty is snowplows and spreaders. We are a dealer and repair shop for WESTERN®, FISHER®, and SnowEx® snowplows and salt spreaders, and we provide local installs, local repair, and nationwide shipping for all our brands.

About Our Team

Our team has high standards and hopes you do too! Every member has been hand-picked based primarily on attitude and values. While some have brought expertise from past experiences, all have received continuous on-the-job training. Every individual desires constant growth, whether it is learning new areas of the business or becoming an expert in one area.
Our employees are fun, hard-working people. They love seeing their co-workers succeed and love working together, but are also able to tackle solo projects with enthusiasm. They take pride in their work, knowing the value of what they put out has an impact on coworkers and customers alike.

Perks of Working Here

We know that each person does make an impact - whether positive or negative - on their surroundings. We value input from every person no matter their position in the company because every person has value. Without any single employee, we wouldn't be able to do all that we do. We also take pride in the impact we make on our customers. Some of the most common customer feedback we receive is about how thankful they are that we do what we do, and that we do it so quickly and so well. Knowing that, it's hard not to recognize just how much the service we provide matters.
We're a small company with a track record of aggressive growth, with no plans of slowing down. We share our successes with our employees, since without them it wouldn't be possible to do all that we do. To show our appreciation, we offer programs like profit sharing, generous pay raises, and ever-expanding benefits (currently including health insurance, PTO, and retirement contributions). We also encourage our employees to shift and grow in their roles as the company grows.
The pandemic hurt many businesses, some beyond repair. The good news here is that our customer base is constant, so our work is constant. Farms will always need to produce food, new construction and maintenance will always be in demand, and snow will always need to be plowed in the Midwest. Because these recession-resistant industries are our backbone, we can confidently claim to be recession-resistant as well. We always have internal projects going on, so even during periods of lower customer demand, we have work that needs to be done. We have never had to lay off or let go of any of our employees due to lack of work, and we can't imagine that ever being the case in the future.
Whether you're looking for part- or full-time work, early or late shifts, three day weekends, or an entirely customized schedule, we'll do our best to accommodate your needs. We also do our best to maximize each employee's interests and skills, regardless of traditional titles or job descriptions.
There's no substitute for having a good head on your shoulders, but hard skills aren't innate and everyone is a beginner at some point. We provide as much on-the-job training as is necessary for you to feel comfortable and confident in your responsibilities. We also know the importance of higher education and external certification programs, and are understanding of students' needs for flexibility.
Look, working in a shop is not a cushy job. But we prioritize your comfort with a temperature controlled environment. We have air conditioning in the summer, and both forced air and in-floor heating in the winter. We also have a fantastic employee break room complete with a fridge and freezer, microwave, toaster oven, griddle, skillet, hot plates, full dishware, and a dishwasher. Seriously, it's an entire freaking kitchen.
We actually kind of like each other. Most of our employees consider themselves friends outside of work, and we celebrate and struggle together through life's ups and downs. We regularly have company-sponsored get-togethers outside of work hours, as well as unofficial hangouts in small groups. Every summer, everyone is invited to Paul's lake house for a weekend of fun and relaxation.

Employee Benefits

  • Flexible schedule - Full-time employees can choose to work 4/10s, 5/8s, or 3/10s and 2/5s
  • No weekends - Our core operating hours are Monday-Friday, 7:30am-6:00pm
  • Paid Time Off - Full-time employees get 4 weeks of PTO per year
  • IRA Contribution - We offer IRA contribution, no matching required
  • Health Insurance - We provide reimbursement for medical expenses including health insurance premiums, doctor visits, and medication expenses
  • Profit Sharing - Once a quarter, profits are shared in the form of a bonus to all employees
  • Clothing and PPE - Employees are provided with company shirts, and a yearly allowance for other approved work clothing and PPE
  • Tooling - all tools are provided, so no need to pay for and maintain your own equipment

Current Job Openings

We respect tradition, but we don't let societal norms hold us back. NEW Hydraulics needs people to perform a wide variety of tasks, and we aren't afraid of mixing and matching responsibilities that don't normally go together. Maybe you like sitting at a computer most of the day, but love getting some fresh air for a few hours a week. Or maybe you like to work with your hands and aren't afraid of getting dirty, but need some time interacting face-to-face with walk-in customers. Or perhaps you love preventing problems from happening by following prescribed procedures, but don't do so well at troubleshooting once a problem pops up. Whatever your blend of interests and skills, you belong here.
Below is a sampling of the tasks that we could use your help with on a regular basis at NEW Hydraulics. They are categorized based on traditional job descriptions, but we encourage individuals to break the mold. We're a team, and we love it when our employees have a wide variety of skills in order to cover for and support each other during the ebb and flow of our industry's demands. If you see a handful of tasks from multiple categories that interest you, please don't hesitate to reach out and take the first step to becoming part of our team!  


Snowplow Mechanic and Technician
  • Urgency - Urgent
  • Weekly Hours - Full-time, Approximately 40 hours per week
  • Pay - $20-$30/hour plus benefits
  • Responsibilities
    • Assemble and install new snowplows and spreaders
    • Troubleshoot and repair used snowplows and spreaders
    • Use computer systems to track projects and communicate with team members
    • During off season - assist with tube and hose assembly and misc. shop projects
    • Assist coworkers as needed