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Snowplows & Spreaders

Thank you for visiting NEW Hydraulics Inc., your dealer for Western and Fisher Snowplows. Buy, sell, and trade snowplows and parts. Also selling Fisher and Buyers snowplows and ice control products. To get a quote for a snowplow or spreader, or if you are curious about what kind will fit your truck best, feel free to give us a call at (920) 231 - 0124 or fill out the email form!

Snowplow Services

  • Western New Plow & Spreader Sales, Service, Parts
  • Used Plows & Spreaders for Sale or Trade
  • New Parts for Most Brands of Plows & Spreaders
  • Used Parts, harnesses, accessories for Western and Sister Companies: Blizzard, Fisher, SnowEx
  • Fabrication of:
    • Western UniMount Mounts
    • GM trucks mount # 62330 1988-1998 1500-2500
    • #63300 1999-2006 1500 or 1/2 ton trucks
    • #63360 1999-2010 2500HD - Up 3/4 & larger trucks
  • Repair kits for A frames where quadrant pivots. Includes reinforcement plates with larger contact area - stronger than new!
  • Western UltraMount:
    • Rebuilt Upper Lift Frames. These can break after hard use where bottom attaches to the lower lift frame. We rebuild these for a fraction of the cost of new. Also carry reinforcement kits for this area.
    • Rebuild A frames & pivot bars when the pivot bushing breaks. No need to buy new A frame or pivot bar.
    • Pivot bars bushed where pivot pins attach (on sides) Saves having to buying a new pivot bar.
    • MVPP V plow blade to trip edge gussets. These can wear through if a worn cutting edge is not replaced. Then have to buy new blade to repair. We have just the gussets.
    • Rebuild A frame to quadrant pivot Series 1. Includes reinforcement plates with larger contact area, stronger than new.
    • Stand handles, hooks (no need to buy complete stand to repair)
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