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SHIPPING SPECIAL - discounted shipping on ALL Western® Snowplows and Salt Spreaders (shipping will be discounted by 5% of total purchase)
SHIPPING SPECIAL - discounted shipping on ALL Western® Snowplows and Salt Spreaders (shipping will be discounted by 5% of total purchase)


Core Returns and Refurbished Parts FAQ’s

What is the core?

We make tractor parts from a combination of three major components: flexible rubber hose, rigid steel tubing, and solid steel blocks. The “core” is the part of the product that we re-use to make a refurbished part. If we are refurbishing a part that has all three components and we are only replacing the rubber hose, then the core is the steel tube and the solid steel block on the end. If the part is two blocks connected by steel tube and we are remaking the tube but reusing the blocks, then the two blocks make up the core for that part. If you have any questions about your specific part, please reach out to us.


Does every part have a core?

Not every part that we sell has a core that can be returned. Some parts are made of only rubber hose or only bent tube. In that case, as long as we have a pattern, we do not need your part to make a new one. There is also no core refund for these parts.


I need my part now. What are my options?

We can make many - if not most - parts before we receive yours. The most limiting factor is if we have a used core in stock, or if we are able to manufacture the part completely new. The price difference will be based on if it is an all new or refurbished part, and the type of core involved. If the part has a refundable core, we will credit your account with the difference if you send that core to us, whether you do so before or after purchasing the part you need.


Do I need to send you the entire part?

Not usually. If we are using your part as a pattern, then we need the entire part. But many parts have a “core” that does not consist of the entire part. If that is the case, then all we need is the core. Of course, you are welcome to send us the entire part if you wish.


How do I send you my part?

Parts can be mailed by your choice of carrier. Please address returns to:


NEW Hydraulics, Inc.

2900 Green Hill Ct.

Oshkosh, WI 54904


When will I get my refund?

When we receive your core, we will process a credit card refund on the card with which you paid for your part. If you did not use a credit card, we will leave a credit on your account to put toward future purchases.


What are my options when purchasing a part?

We offer three different conditions for refurbishing or making new parts. Option 1 is to refurbish your actual part. This option is the cheapest but the slowest, as we wait for you to send us your part and do not process a core return/refund. Option 2 is for you to purchase a refurbished part made from someone else’s used part. This is the middle-of-the-road option, and our most popular, but may not always be available depending on what parts we have in stock. Option 3 is to purchase a completely new part. This is the most expensive option, but is often the quickest and most readily available. If you choose Option 2 or Option 3, you can send us your old part either before or after receiving your new or remanufactured part, and you will be refunded the price difference between Option 1 and Option 2. Some parts have all three options, while other parts may not have the option to send in a core for a refund. Please call or see our website for availability of the different options for your part.